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So I am thinking real hard about buying an 04 that already has a slee lift , sliders and 33" AT tires, but 120K miles. It's a one owner vehicle who has 7 pages of service records and he is pretty miteculous. A well maintained one owner 120K truck is likely better than a multi-owned 90K mikes truck, dontcha think?

I found an 06 I could afford, but it was black and sold before I could go look at it. The 06 has the VVTI motor which brings another 40HP to the equation, BUT they come with that automatic height control that you have to remove if you put any real weight on the vehicle.

I am wondering if I want to get the 100 because I want something nicer and more comfortable (especially as a DD) or I because I finished modifying the 80

What ever I do, I would do the front and rear bumpers, skid plates and likely regear and add lockers at the same time. Christo . . . can you count the money yet?

Decisions Decisions
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