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Ken, I hope you don't mind a response to your phone message via the forum - your question regarding the differences between a supercharged 1FZE and a regular 2UZ-FE is a good one and some may be wondering the same. There are plenty of folks with more experience with each of the above engines and my impressions are simply that. I think the straight six cylinder Cruiser engines are tough to beat in almost all instances other than what we might consider regular interstate hiway conditions. In that instance, the V8 simply has it over the six. The V8 revs much more readily and is much more responsive, similar to what you expect from a full size non four wheel drive vehicle. If most of your driving is to be offroad, the six really has major points going for it. If the truck is used more for DD and hiway-type conditions, the Toyota V8 is a kick in the pants compared to the six. All that said, I think the bigger difference is the five-speed transmission that '03s and later have. The V8, loving to rev, more often feels to be in its powerband with the gearing offered by the five-speed. I drove a '98 or '99 LX470 to Moab and back a few years ago and wasn't really struck by any big differences between it and the supercharged 1FZE, power wise. With our '03 at hiway speeds and heading into the mountains, the five-speed always seems to have the engine right at a good rpm with the ability to accelerate just a touch of the pedal away. Under similar conditions in the supercharged 80, it felt as if the 80 and its four-speed tranny needed more time and more pedal to garner the same results. Coming from 60 series trucks, I know how important momentum is to the torquey six if you want to maintain hiway speeds at altitude. Much less drama involved in the 100 getting around slower moving vehicles or being able to accelerate after the going gets slow.
What I think you really should be looking at Ken, is a 200 series. How many club members have a 200? The 60 series brought the Cruiser wagons into the 20th century and the 80 was a complete and serious step forward from the 60s. The 100 now, in my opinion, is another giant leap forward over the 80 in creature comforts and in some technical areas, too. That's just my experience and I don't expect anyone else to take my word for it. If the 200 is a full step above the 100, and I believe it to be, then ownership satisfaction would never be in doubt. The '08s can't be too much more expensive than a late 100 can it? If there aren't any others in the club with a 200, then I think you would be the perfect candidate for being the first!
Good luck with your decision. You can't go wrong - unless you wind up with a four door Rubicon.
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