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Why not run chinaman? I have, Far has...the 100 can do it, especially with what you're planning.

FYI, the 03 has the old looking slightly mirrored tint on all the windows while the 04-07 has the black/charcoal colored tint. Looks better with most colors IMO.

03 has the 5spd but ALSO the trans-dipstick, the 04-07s don't.

Are you heartset on a LC or LX? The LX has memory seats/mirrors/steering wheel while the LC doesnt which might be something to consider if you have multiple drivers. Of course all the LXs came with AHC, so you could run that in High mode till you end up doing all the bumpers, which then I'd suggest removing AHC ASAP and doing the normal lift like you would on a LC.
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