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Default Romer's rack options

Alright Romer here we go..

Option 1 is the full length Expo rack, with the basket turned upwards. With a 2.5" lift and 33's, this will still fit in your garage.
Name:  rack1.jpg
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Option 2 is the same rack, but with the basket turned down for increased clearance, reduced drag, handy grab handles, and style points.
Name:  rack2.jpg
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Option 3 is a full length flat rack- same rack as the Expo, but no basket. It also comes with the 4 light tabs in front. You can do either 3 or 4 towers per side with this one.
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Option 4 is a half rack, 2 towers per side.
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And all racks also fit an 80, just in case you want to outfit that one headed south a little more..
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