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Default Operation Snow White Rescue (Red Cone)

We did it! Rocky should be arriving home any minute with his white 80 (dubbed Snow White by his 2 year old daughter when he got it). The truck looked just like it did last weekend. We put a new battery in it and it started right up. It started spewing tranny fluid from a low pressure line to the radiator, but Rocky drove it right back up on the trail.

We got down to the Webster Pass saddle and Ige helped him replace the tranny line with a piece of hose I had. We threw a couple quarts of Dexron into the tranny. Then Rocky just drove it out to Montezuma.

Oh, Ige had a moment on the "challenge" route above timberline but we attached her winch to my truck and she got out of it.

Rocky and Al brought up their neighbor's stock Taco. Al drove and it was the first time he ever wheeled as a driver. He did great and got the Taco up with no body damage.

Ige's precarious position.

Snow White just like we left her last week.

Rocky reunited with his Cruiser.

Al and Ige checking out the truck.

Snow White back on the trail where she belongs.

Don't you just love a happy ending?

THAT is why we drive Toyotas!
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