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Default 2011 FJ Crusier Summit

Have some teaser shots until I get permission to use some with the lic plate or until I figure out how to block them but figure I'll post them when I have time to write up a report.....I will say on the last day of wheeling I did Imogene and Ophir I was told I was 4 inches from the side of the bad side of the shelf road and I don't think I could have put my middle finger in between the back of my rig and the fool that continued down after one of the better spots to pass some one. I really thought I was as close or closer and was thinking I was going to have a red strip on my back corner panel. Other than that it was a blast!

Ive tried 5 times with 5 to 1 pictures and each time the manage attachments keeps giving me a white screen so I guess no pics tonight
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