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Originally Posted by Nay
The droop issue will be interesting - retaining coils at the top may shorten their useful lift as standard coils are not designed to be stretched beyond static length. If it is only a small amount, then I'd retain on the axle end and let the coil come a bit down the tower.

I know this isn't super cheap, but now that you've endeavored to go long travel you should do the rear panhard with heims on both ends. On the front a cut and sleeve I'd think would be fine.

And it is time to sell those Slee arms for the cash you need to build the front

Yeah, I will only retain the bottom, I'll have to test flex again to make sure, but I don't think I'll be unseating that far now, should be around an 1.5" to 2"

i was thinking about that panhard as well, I'm getting the adjusters this week.

I was wondering about that front end Who wants to build a 3-link???

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