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Default APRS - 10w enough?

I feel like 10w is plenty...just wanted double check.

APRS is really cool, and since my wife isn't really into the overland adventures I would love to give her some peace of mind when we're out and about (or as they say up north oooot and aboooot)

I've been investigating piecing together an APRS setup with a used 2m radio, the TNC, small GPS, the setup is coming in at about $150-200 as I look at the parts. I love the idea of wiring it up so it's on all the time. (could also act like lo-jack)

But then reality sets in with my knowledge and available time to put one'm thinking about just buying one that's the one from the "micro-trak RTG"'s a 10w transmitter.

any thoughts??
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