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Originally Posted by Shark Bait View Post
I'm not sure they'll work if you're using VOIP.
Only if your provider has battery backup

One of the guys I work with had the power go out in his area. He lives on a cul-de-sac and is apparently the only one with a POTS line...The rest all have VoIP or Comcast digital phone lines. Interestingly enough, despite what the other providers told the neighbors their phones didn't work when the power went out...Of course if they were using a cordless phone that might have been the problem...Apparently all of the neighbors ventured down to my co-workers place to call in their repair

IMO it really depends on where you live whether you benefit from having an old school phone and a POTS line for emergencies. Cell phones are a viable option unless the power is out for a long time and your phone runs out of juice or the cell towers die...If you live in the mountains or areas where cell signals are sketchy or non-existant and you tend to get snowed in, a POTS line can be a life saver. My in-laws were snowed in for a week + with no power etc. The only thing in the house that worked was their phone
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