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Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
Glad to see you are a member here:

why not use those machines for around town?

I too am surprised by how dead CC is most of the time. I typically like trying to use it to find somebody then move to simplex or a local repeater if possible. That said, I actually enjoy hearing you on CC talking to folks about various things. I get a kick out of walking out to the garage and hearing MZE out there "hey I know that guy!" and I think the people on the other end like making the contact. I usually don't pipe up because my radio in the garage has some mad static going on on that frequency.. plus it heats up a lot. I think thh filters are wrong for that frequency.
Yep...for $25 I wanted to support the local group...then I discovered a bunch more! I'm interested in learning/using the autopatch stuff since my wife isn't a Ham.

Well, this has turned into a good discussion. I've made some 'acquaintences' on the CC (ab0em, 'mike-sierra-papa", AFA etc). Those of you who listen to the CC know who I'm talking about. it's cool to announce I'm mobile, and have someone reply, chat for a bit, then go back to monitoring. for safety reasons, I think it's cool to have a quasi-network on the airwaves.

That being said, I gravitate to the Connection mostly 'cuz I know lots of you jokers will be monitoring as well. And I too, love hearing 'nak' and 'gwx' out there catching up a little.

CRA (the 225 repeater) can get busy, same with the .145 repeater. I'm going to check out some of the others in the area (denver and to the north) and chime back in with some other options that maybe I'll add to the mix.
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