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Originally Posted by green machine
man -

anything over 10" needs to be retained

(I know igge, "no ****" right?)

Anyway, you need to retain them front and rear. You will find that with the rear retained you will force the last bit of travel out of the radius arms, and the truck will be much more stable.

But don't listem to me, I haven't retained mine yet. However, I am still running those pukey ome's. If I ever re-do the shock mounts I will be welding in mounts for the spring retainers.

Ask bill morgan about the performance of my rover before and after spring retainment..

I couldn't get my rear springs to unseat before with the 11" travel shocks, and I used ALL of that travel. And I have no idea how anyone could unseat the fronts on a stock 80 series setup, I can only unseat them when I did the hitch pin and unattached a shock, even then it was about 1.5"

The rear now, I probably will do that, but without 3-linking or something custom, the front won't unseat.

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