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So to start off my Summit trip on the morning that I was to leave I found a screw in my tire with about 20 psi in it. After a quick tire fix I was on my way to meet up with the caravan to the summit that was meeting in Morrison (I think), I told Adam (FJinCO in the Blue Room) I would be on the over pass to grab a shot of them as they pass. As I was waiting I noticed a really nice green FJ40 passing so i took a look....a little to long and then noticed the group was about to pass me (pic#1). So it was a quick dash back to the rig on off for the pavement part of the trip on to BV (or close to, pic #2) to meet up with the Colorado Springs group and then on to Gunnison for lunch and a break from sitting in the rig (to sit in the shade on some grass, pic #3). Then it was on to Blue Mesa Res. to get a group pic (pic #4) and then on to Ouray. Just out side of Ouray I noticed some cattle, longhorns, off to the right and just happened to notice a calf on the highway side of the fence. I circled around and tried to yell at the home owner who's house ether bordered or was the property that was where the cattle look to be from....but with no luck, so I went to the next street south (which was the closest) and went in to the hot springs shop and asked if they could get a hold of the rancher or the owners. ON of the girls behind the counter look very shocked and was very thankful for the information and then I was on my way again, I would have stayed to make sure everything turned out ok but the two times I passed by the calf it seemed to be staying close to the fence and the herd and was a decent distance from the road. After that it was off to my cabin (pic #5)
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