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Day two 7/21/11 Black Bear/Ohpir/Black Bear Pass Detour Run (part 1)

My second day started of with a coffee and a quick ride up one of the streets near by that had a sign up for mine tours, I did not find the mind but did get a quick shot of clouds being hit by the rising sun (pic #1). Due to snow blocking the pass after the top, the construction that was to only be at night was allowed to continue (can't blame them) make our Black Bear Pass run turn in to a 'bottom of Black Bear Pass (pic #2) to Ophir to the top of Black bear pass' run . I have never done Black Bear so I was upset not to be able to do it all the way I was still happy for the day. When we were about to leave the bottom of BBP a nice FJ70 came up (pic #3&4) and asked to look at our trial leaders (digger) rig. I forgot his name but he said he talked to Jeff Z. recently and was nice enough to let me look at his rig as he was looking at Diggers. After our detouring from leaving our first leg of our detour run we were off to Ophir Pass (pic#5 taken where there was a slide recently)
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