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Just a heads up, if you aren't already aware and want to contribute to the CC:


To follow up on the previous bulletin on the project on Mt Baldy in Breckenridge.

We will be requiring as much help as possible to demolish the old repeater building and move the new one we have at the site in place. We have heavy equipment arranged for the job but will especially require people with pickup trucks or 4 wheel drives with trailers to haul the parts of the old building to the local dump. This may require some unloading on the dump end. A 2-wheel drive vehicle with a bit more than normal car ground clearance can easily make it up to the site. Please bring sunscreen, gloves, hand tools (hammer and or nail bar) a warm jacket (we will be working at the 12,000 foot level), and something to eat and drink.

We will also be needing people that can help with tower work and reinstalling the repeater and link radios.

We will be meeting on Saturday 8/13/11 and Sunday 8/14/11 between 7:30 and 8:00 AM at the City Market Parking Lot in Breckenridge in the shopping center on the corner of the old Main street (Co. hwy 9) and the Truck Bypass on the north end of town. Talk in on 146.79 repeater or 146.52 simplex. If you are not able to make it that early or do not have a vehicle that you wish to drive up there please come anyway and contact us on the radio or try my Cell Phone 970 389-4405 (coverage is not the best at the site so keep trying) when you get to Breckenridge. This project is being done mainly because of a new local government ordinance that requires that we improve the appearance of the site or vacate so please help as this is a critical site for linking the east to west.

Most of the demolition and building moving will be on Saturday 8/13/11.
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