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Default there are lots of clubs

I started with this link provided on a thread in here somwhere:

I'd recommend clicking through to the club/assoc. links and join some that are close to you or you think you might use. I joined the CRA simply because it was one of the first I found as a new Tech and can hit their repeaters really well. another nice thing about becoming a club member is some clubs have autopatch features (nice if your wife isn't a Ham you ABSOLUTELY need to know how much milk to pick up on the way back from the trail. ) I don't have the time or know-how right now to contribute outside of writing a small check. And I'm sure they appreciate that kind of support just as much.

You'll see the Colorado Repeater Assoc. (W0CRA), Denver Repeater club...actually you'll find them all up and down the front range. they all have repeater lists with tones, some have coverage maps, info which ones may be linked, how to unlink...all kinds of good stuff.
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