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Originally Posted by daveIT View Post
Thanks, great info/reminders for newbies like me! Is there a repeater you guys hang out on or a net you guys check into? I jumped on the Colo Connection repeater on 145.130 (KB0VJJ) on Thursday at 1930 where they hold a weekly one.
The truck radio generally sits on 2-of-these-3: 147.225, 145.310 or 146.460. The 147.225 repeater is pretty active during commutes, so if nothing's happen on 145.310/146.460, I usually go to 145.310/147.225. I heard you on the Thursday night central Colorado NTS net, but the net was just closing when I tuned in. A lot of check-ins, 27 I think, so didn't think he'd need any more. :-)
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