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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
2. Some nets almost sound broadcast, but it's just dudes on the radio.. you could still break in technically. I've heard that one too, with the for sale section towards the end?
He's talking about the CRA retransmitting the Amateur News Line in the middle of their Sunday morning club net. They do a swap meet I think at the end and club messages before.

This is not really a broadcast, but a retransmission. It's absolutely correct that broadcasting is not allowed, which is the origination of a signal that you have no expectation of reply. Technically an APRS beacon is marginal IMHO, but it's a convention that it's an OK exception.

In this case the repeater is retransmitting a message and is a special case, like Space Shuttle audio (was) or official messages. Also with the repeater you can talk over the News Line and NASA audio, it does not cause the repeater to stop being a ham repeater.
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