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Originally Posted by daveIT View Post
Thanks guy...I feel like such a n00b. I hate that, but I gotta start somewhere!

So with simplex are there CTSS/PL codes or is that just a repeater thing?

Thanks & yee haw sumbitch pile of monkey nuts!
You can use tones with simplex if you wish, but remember that it does not keep the communication private just that the radios with tones on will only open their squelch with the right tone. Everyone on the frequency will hear you TX if they don't use sub tones.

Repeaters use them to keep from getting spurious signals and interference, they reject everything without the right sub tone and most of them also add a sub tone so that you can do the same on your radio if interference is a problem.

BTW, it is against FCC rules to use something that obscures your signal, e.g. coded messages. You can encode messages for efficiency, e.g. spread spectrum, JT65, PSK31. These are open, clearly decoded and non-cipher. There is an exception to this, that being signal sent to an amateur satellite, which may be a cipher in nature so that control commands are not intercepted, which would be bad if an unapproved station could take control of a space vehicle.

What I think you are looking for is FCC rules, Part 97.113 and 97.211.
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