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Ah shoot, looks like I forgot the picture of the Dick Cepeks. Well I ran Dick Cepek FCII's for about 4 months. Had them removed today. Here's the story..

The Dick Cepek's had a little vibration since day 1- was tolerable at first install, drove a couple thousand miles on them. But still bugged me, so a couple weeks ago I took the 100 in to have them rotated/rebalanced. It got worse. So I went back and had them try again.. same deal, still worse. Now the shaking is pretty bad at 40mph.. to the point where I don't want to drive the truck.

Last weekend I figure ok maybe it's not just the tires, could be something else? So I borrow a set of LX470 rims & bald tires (but well balanced bald tires) from my friend Texas Chris. Had to get a new floor jack as my old one leaks now. Then I end up breaking 4 studs removing the Dick Cepeks (see broke wheel stud thread so this project turns into 20 new wheel studs, 20 new lug nuts, oh while you got it apart new front brakes, pads, bearing repack... oh btw one of the bearings is bad so new bearing on the PS, bleed the brakes.. damn, this tire swap is creeping up on 4 digits... I was fortunate was available and willing to help last week though, otherwise I'd still be working on it and would have another set of variables in the mix here, should something else on the truck come into question.

So button it all up, put the slicks on, everything is great. Get it up to speed and it's rock solid, smooth, wow even stops a little better. So my old tires on my 100 rims ran great, so those rims are good.. these slicks on LX470 rims run great, so the truck is good.. let's put the Dicks back on. death wobble at 40mph..

Back to Discount, on Saturday, they say it's futile to try to balance those again, they road force balanced them last time, they're big heavy tires, took 14oz to get them within spec., that's as good as they'll get. Well it's not good enough, what are my other options? They'll call Dick Cepek on Monday to see if they'll return them. So I get a call this morning, Dick Cepek's willing to take them back, would even give me another set, but they haven't had any other complaints so no confidence I'll notice any improvement. Well how about another set of tires then? Sure, anything you want.

Ok do you have any 285 Duratracs in stock? Yup, come on down... after an argument about torque spec (they're not allowed to send you off "under-torqued," it's 100 pounds or nothing now) I toss them my keys and cross my fingers.
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