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First impressions of the Duratracs compared to the Dick Cepeks is they're a night and day difference. Much smoother, even at parking lot speeds. Considerably quieter.. like quieter than BFG AT's quiet, I can't really explain that one but it's true. And smooth as glass.. wow I can't believe how bad those Dick Cepeks really were.. I'm loving the 100 again.

Tread depth of the Goodyear's is about half of the Dick Cepeks.. so the tire is noticeably smaller. But that probably means I've got more torque off the line now. Spacing between the lugs is bigger on the Goodyears, it was pretty tight on the Dicks, and I ended up picking up a lot of pea gravel from the side of my driveway. Some of that could have contributed to the wobble, though I picked every single pebble out of them prior to my extensive experimentation.

I've got a 285 spare now (thanks again, Corsair!) and all new wheel studs, so less of a worry about blowing a sidewall than before, I'm going to pick up one of those repair kits too just for piece of mind. Plus my certs transferred at Discount. Anyway so I'm running Duratracs now, so far so good.

edit: forgot to mention the tire install guy said the Goodyears took about half the weight of what they took off of there for the Dick Cepeks. Hard to believe I had almost a pound of extra weight trying to balance a tire.. that mold must have an off-center core or something. funny I'm the only guy to notice though..
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