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The trip down and back was pretty uneventful. Once we pulled off Hwy 150 to the Lake Como Road (Blanca trail) the fun began. the sand at the parking area was deep! I nearly got stuck even with my truck in 4wd just pulling the Cruiser on the trailer. Trevor (CLC) did get his 2WD tow rig stuck until he unloaded his 40 then he was able to get free and get parked. Like little kids we had a lot of fun in the trail rigs in the deep sand and the long sandy road to the mountain. It was very hot in the San Luis Valley and all three of us were eager to get up to higher altitude! I developed a power steering leak early up the first hill. An o-ring blew out on the PSC pump. We could see the tow rigs and trailers from where we had pulled over to fix it but they were so tiny already that noone wanted to drive back to my truck to get my o-ring cashe. We pondered many differant repairs and one by one they were rejected knowing full well that the heat and high pressure would win. Trevor came over to me with a high quality surgical glove and we all laughed at first but after checking the finger sizes it appeared the pinky was close to the same size as the OD of the damaged o-ring. I cut a 1/4" ish wide band and slid it over the fitting and o-ring. Carefully the fitting was put in the port so the thin glove piece wouldn't just bunch up. Fingers crossed and very little faith we started the Cruiser and didn't leak! We should have headed to my truck below at that point and get my o-ring kit but instead we went on held the whole time with only a minor drip or two! When we finally got to Blanca mountain and the Jaws obsticals the trip was easy! Jaws 1 barely slowed us down. Jaws 2 we had to wait for some "Gods gift to the 4x4 trail" J**p guys to come down. It really sucks that a-holes like that still exist! We headed up 2 with no problem. Jaws 2.5 was the nastiest I have ever seen but we glided across it drooling over each others serious articulation (really that was freaking cool to see!). Jaws 3 was it's usual and we all took the farthest left line that did find each one of us searching for traction but up we went. The rest of the shelf road to the lake was challenging only because you wanted to take in the beautiful scenery but had to pay attention as its quite narrow in several places. Lake Como was more gorgeous than I remember. Absolutely breathtaking!!!! Ben (War Pig 55) and I stopped to chat with Jeff, a very nice guy driving an ultra uber rare Emerald Green Collecters Edition 80 who was camping there with his wife and another couple. Trevor scouted around for a camp site and yelled at us from across the lake when he found our evening paradise nook. The wind was on and off and from the north so it was quite chilly at 11,740 feet above sea level! We very quickly set up camp, wolfed down the monster burritoes I had heating on my engine drank multiple malted beverages and simply just really enjoyed being cold! The wind died down over night and the lake was a mirror in the morning! Fish were jumping everywhere! I was the only one with a fishing pole and gear so I felt it was my duty to catch breakfast. On night crawlers I probably caught and tossed back in 12-15 rainbows and cutthroat trout that were 5-6" long. Fun but just not worth the effort. Finally I found a hole and between the worms and a 1/4oz blue Castmaster lure I landed 5 beautiful medium sized cutthroats......mmmmmmm breakfast is served! We very slowly packed up and drove on up Jaws 4 and to the end of the trail at the bigger of the Blue Lakes. It was Marmot City up there and those little guys made sure we knew they didn't like visitors! The drive down was fun and uneventful. We did encounter some cool Jeep guys that had a brake line issue. Trevor offered our help and they were grateful but already had the issue nearly taken care of. More silliness in the sand at the bottom and we loaded up and hit the blacktop north. Fantastic trip! Wish I could have stayed at Lake Como for a week!
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