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Default ft-2500 mic issues or radio issue?

As K0NAK AND KD0PJK can verify, I've got an issue with my ebay ft-2500 mic or radio.

RX is fine, I can program the radio, the mic keys light the LED when pressed and work properly, although I apparently can't direct enter freq. with this radio. just for DTMF. bummer.

when I key the mic on a repeater, it'll reply (Oh. triple J, how nice for you to reply. but it's as though the mic portion no workie. It's just opening up with no voice. Anyone have an ft-2500 mic I could test out? (uh...that's you perry. ) it's the MH-27.

I can only assume the radio is functioning properly.

maybe I messed with some settings - the manual hasn't helped yet.
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