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Originally Posted by CardinalFJ60 View Post
I'll be setting up the new radio for APRS in the 60...I'll give you a shout. Then we can check simplex and other fun stuff. when your ready, get yourself a Yaesu 7r for your next and only HT. that way you can start messing with 6m too. Make that dipole for fun.
I got one of those cheap, little Baofeng's coming from Hong Kong. I'm going to try that out. I want a Yaesu HT eventually, but figured I could use the other as a backup. Of course if I like it, I may buy a couple more for $50! Haha.

I'm looking at the FT-60R or that 7R. I have a bunch of Amazon gift card money from trading in old college books. I just wish they would get some more Yaesu dealers on there...Advanced Specialties has the prices jacked up...Amazon must take a good cut of it or something.
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