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Thanks for another great Triple Bypass.

Thanks to Bruce and Barbara for setting this up years ago so we can continue the tradition.

I left denver fri morning and went down to Salida. Once I had provisions I went up and over TinCup Pass. I was able to contact Brian in Dorchester and had a smooth drive in to find most campsites empty. Dave/Rachel and Bob showed up later that night.

We left for Italian at 8am and had a nice morning drive up to the shelf road. The Shelf seemed to be a little trickier this year but the 70 and both 40's eased through. The big 80 got stuck pretty well and we had to highlift it and snatch it off. Once through the rest was uneventful except the scenery back to cement creek.

We started up pearl and the FS was working on the trail and man the water bars they made are big. A little dusty but otherwise smooth sailing. The bog was a piece of cake and in no time we were up to the summit. After gassing up some 40's and taking in the scenery we started the pearl decent. A KTM rider on top told us there were a couple jeeps struggling at the snowfield a little ways down. We crossed on little snow area that slid you a tad sideways then the next one was quite a bit larger but a straight decent. I gasped in horror when I saw that the two jeeps struggling at the snow field were not jeeps but fj40's The one was having problems with his orion so they were tackling it in high range but not going far.

Since we were making fairly good time we decided to go up Montezuma basin. It's an easy drive with more spectacular views and the snow field was still large enough to ski.
On the way down we picked up some distressed hikers that had summit'd castle peak and dropped them off at their vehicle by the creek crossing These two young women flagged me down. I knew my cruiser was cool but they both wanted to climb in the front seat. I guess they knew a good thing when they saw it but I had to tell one to ride with Bob in the 40

We started to cruise up Taylor. Part way up Brian lost his driveshaft and Dave ran over it. Apparantly a jeep driver had metric parts so the 40 could get back together. The decent on taylor couldn't go quick enough and the creek wasn't that difficult. Soon we were back at camp and I was lounging in my hammock with a beer thinking about how Taylor park needs to have a hot spring somewhere.

While lounging in my hammock who but Ron Korzen strolls up. He and his wife were out camping. Great to see you Ron.

Next morning Bob walks over and says he's out on Williams because of a sidewall cut. I checked it out and deemed it wasn't that bad and convinced him to come. We cruise'd through Tin Cup and up Cumberland pass and started up to the Alpine Tunnel. We stopped at the tunnel for a leg stretch and then started up Williams. I like williams. It's a trail and it's not 30 ft wide. Dave pulled his Trailer over with ease and we descended past handcock to air up at the junction with St Elmo. While airing up a schweet looking 40 rolls up with two rough lookin dudes (just kidding). Justin from Redline hops out and we chat for the better part of an hour while checking out rigs and catching up. They had just come from chinamans and were headed up grizzly.

Once gassed up in BV it was back to reality for another year when the triple bypass continues.

I'll post up some pics when I can.
See you on the trail
Couple o' FJ40's, BJ70, PZJ77, UZJ100, TDI 66FJ40,82FJ60,97FZJ80

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