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Default Newbie in Denver

Howdy all. Finally bought my first cruiser, a 1996 80 with the supercharger, OME lift, front ARB and winch, 170k miles. I have been lurking here and on Mud for months while I looked for my first crusier. I still own my Jeep (sorry) Wrangler, but trying to sell it so I can buy a FJ or something fun. My cruiser has been in Colorado her whole life, anyone recognize her? A PO put on a rear locker from a junked Cruiser, but hooked it up to a strange little switch on the dash. I hope to get a matching front locker and hook them up to the factory switches. There are also front disconnects that the latest owner had no idea about. He was a medical sales guy and out over 50k miles on it in the last 18 months. Now I plan on baselining all the fluids and maint. and then start looking at a birf job. Seeing as how I am a newbie, the next time anyone has to do a birf job, maybe I can tag along with a lot of beer and learn the ropes? I did a lot of expedition type wheeling in my Jeep, and I can't wait to take the LC up to my favorite spots. Anyway, thanks for reading my babbling message and I hope to see you on the streets or trails soon.


ps-I took off the Thule carrier and roof rack if anyone needs something like that. I will probably put them on Craigslist.
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