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Default akingf5371's New '82 FJ40, emission help and other advice needed

Due to a few suggestions about starting my own thread to catalog the advice and organize the responses I went ahead and did it.

I recently purchased and '82 FJ40 from California. I am the 3rd owner. Here is the quick rundown. 80k+ miles, no rust and is in pretty good shape. The 1st owner removed the stock carb, air cleaner and all emissions parts. The 2nd owner added a Currie rear end (3:25), a leaf from the rear springs, and disconnected the front drive shaft. I bought it for $16k, which he included the old axle (3:73) the front drive shaft and a lot of things he had from owning it.
Here are a few pictures:

My biggest concern is that I have just moved to Denver and now I have to go through the emissions testing and repair the previous "improvements" Thanks to a few helpful forum members I am being steered in the correct direction. Here is the list of what I need so far. (props to subzali)
-Air pump
-Air Rail
-Air Bypass Valve (ABV)
-High Altitude Compensation (HAC) valve
-Vacuum Control Valves (VCVs)
-Vacuum Switching Valves (VSVs)
-2 Bimetal VSVs (BVSVs)
-Vacuum Transfer Valve(s) (VTV)
-Charcoal Canister
-EGR Cooler
-EGR Valve
I also am planning on installing the old rear end, but I don't have the tools to do so (still waiting on my stuff to arrive from AR) Any help or advice on that would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
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