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Originally Posted by TIMZTOY View Post
also cant use tires bigger than 33's
just a FYI
Timztoy is right...didn't realize 81 was the cutoff.
1984 to 1982 dyne test - 1981 & older tail-pipe test - 1975 & older no test
All dyne tests require 33s or smaller because their equipment can't handle larger tires. Keep in mind the dyne tests were created to test your vehicle under real world conditions so changing to a smaller tire kind of defeats their logic.

Call the Toyota document folks and request the emissions manual for your year. The book covers both Federal and California emissions. Lots of diagrams and pictures.

Toyota Publications @ (800) 622-2033

40 & 60 Series Emissions Manual - 8/80-8/87
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-Carb My dad has part of one you could probably rebuild.
-Air pump - I have a core you can use when you buy a new one
-Air Rail - I have one
-Air Bypass Valve (ABV) - I think this is the Anti Backfire Valve and I have one

Not sure on these but if they are still on the engines I have...
-High Altitude Compensation (HAC) valve
-Vacuum Control Valves (VCVs)
-Vacuum Switching Valves (VSVs)
-2 Bimetal VSVs (BVSVs)
-Vacuum Transfer Valve(s) (VTV)

-Charcoal Canister - I have one
-EGR Cooler - I have one
-EGR Valve - I have one

You also mentioned on the other thread you have headers. There are CARB compliant headers or I have the exhaust manifold you need.
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