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Originally Posted by Air Randy View Post
Are you trying to restore this to full OEM condition or are you adding all of this stuff simply to pass emissions?

If the latter, I would first take it to one of the service centers that can tune your rig to pass and just have them do a basic test on it to see if it passes the emissions part. If it can be tuned to pass, I would go ahead and take it in for a test. The worse that can happen is they fail it on visual inspection and you can move ahead with getting your list of parts.
I agree with Randy. Getting it puffing clean, then take it in... they didn't open the hood on mine, never even took a peek. Also, go at the end of the month when they are slammed, you might wait a little longer but they seem to be in a hurry as well and might "overlook" some of the visual stuff.

FWIW, I have a box of emmissions stuff on the shelf in the garage. If you need to bolt it all on for a visual inspection, I have most of what you will need.

By the way... awesome looking cruiser!

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