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Default 94 Fzj-80 Failed Emissions

So here is the readout. I have a long list of things to check Treeroot recommended today that may help with isolating the issue.
1. Checking the throttle position sensor.
2. 02 sensors
3. ECT (engine coolant temp) sensor.
4. Temps on the cats

If figured while I was in there I might as well ask for anymore suggestions of things I should check.

The truck is a 94 fzj 80 here are the particulars.
1. New O2 sensors 8 months
2. New head gasket (OEM) 1.5 years ago.
3. Valves all adjusted a few months back
4. Oil change that morning with mobile one 5w30 synthetic
5. Drove for 50 miles on the highway before going to the test station
6. Ran 87 octane gas
7. Ran a bottle of Lucas deep clean fuel system through on the prior tank.
8. I am currently running 33 inch Toyos
9. Recently washed the air filter

Anything to add to the test list or suggestions would be appreciated. I have been reading through all of the historical threads and I am pretty convinced it is cats, however you guys might see something different in the data.

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