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Default Thanks!

I just wanted to give a big thanks to you guys for making Brad and I feel welcome in your back yard. We both had a great time and can't wait to get back up there. We got to see some old favorites on Saturday with Yankee Boy, Governors and Imogene (ouray side). Poughkeepsie and California on Sunday were also lots of fun. After we split from the group at Animas Forks, we went over Cinnamon to Lake City (saw a young bull moose along the way) then over Cebolla Creek to Saguache at dark and stayed at Alamosa for the night. Monday we headed over through LaVeta and Cuchara and up to the top of Trinchera Peak where we saw lots more wildlife- mainly sheep- then onward over Cordova pass and out to Agular where we finally had to resign ourselves to the fact that we were out of the mountains and headed home. It gets harder to leave the mountains with each trip- one of these times we won't leave! We met Marshall Moore in his FZJ80 near Cuchara (he was out scouting elk) who recommended we take the side trip up to Trinchera peak and had a good visit with him- he saw us coming up on him in my 80 and pulled over to chat. What a great community we have because of our old rigs! Thanks to Patrick and Steve for leading the runs on Saturday and Sunday and thanks to all the rest of the Rising Sunners' who we got to meet and enjoys the trails with. I'll try to get a few photos uploaded soon- didn't get many good ones, but maybe a couple are worthy of posting. (Oh- that's Brad and me in the 80between Patrick and Trey coming down Imogene on Saturday)

Thanks again,

Dave and Brad Rising (flatlanders from Oklahoma)
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