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Originally Posted by timmbuck2 View Post
But would this work if there were other owner's who had a title between the original owner and now? I understood that there were other owners after the original, who had a title. The way I understand it, we need to have the last known owner who had a title sign it over. Right??

Would love to go, but want to make sure we got to the right person!
we got the right one! My ex bf told me his name and the old registrations I found in the glove compartment confirm that. Ex says he never registered it and didn't intend to register it until it was restored (no point in paying
reg. fees and taxes every year on an inoperable project). He was given
his paperwork including bill of sale. He says he gave the bill of sale to me, but if he did, I can't find it. I have everything else associated with the rig, but not that.

Ige was right...this is hell! But I'm not giving up!
It was inevitable. My last name is "Wheeler.";
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