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Talking The Quest for more power

No, I'm not putting a V8 in anytime soon

But - the PO of my FJ40 always swore up and down that the secondary on the carb never worked. I had a hunch that that was possible, because Martin is able to outrun me on his 34x10.50 LTBs and 4" lift, and my buddy CJ7 Matt can out-pull me on hills on I-70 and he has 3.56 gears in his Jeep.

The carb on my 2F (a '78 carb) has a vacuum-actuated secondary, as opposed to the mechanically actuated secondary on earlier carbs. But before the vacuum can do its part to move the butterfly, the primary has to be open just about 100%, because there is a mechanical stop that has to get out of the way to let the butterfly turn.

I've been doing some tests with a paperclip on the secondary actuator rod and have found that it's not opening. I checked the secondary diaphragm and it's in perfect condition. I replaced it anyway but I'm still not getting the paperclip to slide down the rod, which means the secondary indeed is not opening. As I pondered this last night while I was looking at it, I jammed my accelerator pedal down to the floor and held it there with my star wrench, and went and looked at the linkage on the carb. The lever was just over 50% of its total travel, nowhere near far enough to move the stop so the secondary could open . I pushed it further with my hand and was able to get it where it needed to be, and then I was able to turn the secondary by hand. Good, the butterfly isn't stuck to the carb.

I found the culprit (at least I think) to be the bracket that's bolted to the firewall. It's missing some bushings and grommets so the rod is kinda floating in place, which is allowing it to not travel all the way to where it's supposed to. I looked on SOR and the parts I need are: 042-50F, 042-57, and 042-61. 042-50F is discontinued and no longer available, so I'm wondering if anyone could take a picture and/or measurements for me so I can figure out what it is and how I can duplicate it. Thanks!

I would like to have more power
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