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Default Jenny Creek Work Day 2011

I want to start this post by saying thanks to the folks that were able to make it up to Jenny Creek/Rollins Pass today. Also, Extra thanks to Kevin for helping scope it out and helping get this all organized with the Forest Service, I couldn't have done this without your help. I am proud to be a part of this club, it was great to be able to help out the Forest Service by taking care of our adopt a road and see the enthusiasm our members had for helping out. We had a great group of folks and really managed to get a lot done.

We got up to the Kiosk at about 9am and were greeted with a beautiful morning in the mountains, the weather was absolutely stellar. After a bit of chatting and strategizing we split up into a few groups. Steve and Kevin took the rangers down to the illegal routes just east of Yankee Doodle and the rest of us worked around the top fixing posts and tightening cable. At around noon we all met back up near the top and ate some lunch at the Kiosk. Kevin, Steve, and the Rangers were able to put up some carsonite and T posts to block off the illegal routes and drug logs to block off other spurs. The post and cable group righted several posts and tightened all the cable up. We also were able to pick up some trash around the lake campsites.

After Lunch we split up again, with Kevin, Steve, Trey, and the Rangers doing Jenny Creek bottom up, and the rest of the group did it top down. We picked up trash (Steve scored a new windshield), drained a bog, explored the lower section of Jenny Creek. I think the Rangers enjoyed doing Jenny Creek in the built rigs. I know I would have

Jenny Creek was in a bit better shape than I thought it might be in, and it was great to get the rangers out on it. I think having them see it first hand really helps them understand what work needs to be done in the future. The ruts that were pretty bad earlier in the season where a bit better now due to the fact that they dried up a bit, and the section of road that is bypassing the off camber tree is now just in the creek. The work to reroute the creek and do some drainage that Kevin et al did a few weeks ago worked and things looked good. The next plan for Jenny Creek is for BRD to work on the reroute. Not sure what that will entail, but it isn't going to happen for a while.

Overall it was really really a nice day up there. It was the first place I went to explore when I moved to Colorado, and it still has a special place in my heart. Give the area a few weeks and I think we are going to see some nice colors up there. If you haven't gotten up there, you should take some time to make it up there and explore.
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