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Good times.

The easiest way to straighten the pole was with the winch!
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Marco making a mess.
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Lunch time at the Kiosk...
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And just in case anyone ever accuses that pretty 40 of not doing anything...
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Funny thing though, I drove back to pick up some parts from the Boulder area, stopped for a while there, and when I got back in the truck, it was making a TERRIBLE noise. As in, drivetrain gnashing and grinding. When the power was applied it didn't do it, nor did it do it in reverse. I did stop, put the T-case into neutral, and ran through the gears, which was all fine. So I debated getting it towed in case I was doing damage, but decided that since with a little throttle it was smooth and quiet to limp it back to my sister's house and garage.

This morning I drained a bunch of gear oil, and found nothing bad in the T-case, so I decided to jack up the rear, and pull the driveshaft to spin the axle all by itself. Somehow the pinon nut came loose (more than 1/4" play). That would explain the noise... Tomorrow I'll see if I can get a new inspection cover gasket, so that I can pull the inspection cover to see if there was any damage in there. I sure hope not. I'm going to blame the lower section of the road for rattling the pinon nut loose though.

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