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Default 100 series Ham installs

Hello Rising Sun.

I was at Ham Radio Outlet yesterday asking the salesman about good radios for trail use for my 100 series cruiser. He quickly mentioned Rising Sun and suggested I learn from you guys. You've got a Ham reputation!

I read through the sticky threads, thanks.

My 4x4 group is slowing moving to Hams, and I am making my move this month. My test is today, and I'm feeling confident.

I've got my eye on a Yaesu 7900. I realize a newbie doesn't really need to jump into a dual band radio right away, but its the remote faceplate that has me interested. I was thinking about mounting it in the garage door control in the center overhead area. I would then extend the mic down to exit the dash and hang next to my CB mic. I've already got a cb under my stereo and I plan to keep it there.

Would any of you 100 series Ham's care to post some pics of your radio setup, share advice, take-it-from-me's, etc, etc.

Thanks guys. Hope to see you at Stevenson's one of these days!
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