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Hey Marco,
Well, I've been working in ND for the past 2 weeks, so I've just creeping on IH8mud and a few other places looking for parts.
For the emissions part of the project, I've acquired a smog pump, air cleaner (thanks Matt!), air rail (Thanks Marco!) big ole box of FJ60 smog equipment including carb that I haven't gone through yet, and I'm in the middle of buying the center console/heater. I'm still short some hoses and gas pedal assembly, Dan says he has most everything, and a guy on IH8 has it as well.
For the axle I am kind of at a stand still, I still haven't figured out how/when to get the axle swapped. I was hoping I could get it done while I was out here, since it seems these jobs in ND take 3-4 weeks, but as of yet no plans.
So, that is the state of the LC, lots of plans, little to no action. I did buy a cover and a few small bits and pieces from coolcruisers, and the GF covered her up, so it's just hanging out.
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