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Default Wiring up 220 for my welder in my new garage

I am looking for some advice. I am trying to get a 220v line to my garage for my welder and (future) compressor. We just replaced our electric stove with a gas unit and I now have a perfectly good 220v 50amp circuit and wire just sitting there in the wall unused.

I ran my last 220v line from my fuse box to an outlet in the garage so I am not in totally new water here. However, I would like to run this by those smarter than myself.

If you pictured my house as a square, my stove is on the rear exterior wall. If I punch a hole through the exterior (which is where the existing outlet already sits, it just faces the interior) and pick up the circuit there, shouldn't I be able to run some conduit on the exterior of my home around to the garage (front right corner of the house when facing it). I figure the run of new cable to be about 65' and I would like to break off into two outlets one dedicated for the compressor and one for the welder, though the two will not be run at the same time.

Does this sound correct?

How do I start to figure out what gauge style wire I need? Thanks in advance-

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