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Wake up, pack up and head back to the Desert. I told Royal Rose of Wasatch Cruisers I would try and stop by on my way down, distracted by thoughts of the Desert, I forgot to call him . Sorry Royal. Four straight hours of driving, o.k, one quick stop to say hello to another Uncle who called. Stopped at the sight of the Castle Gate robbery(North of the town of Price) to pay my respect to Butch Cassidy. Guestemated I would be at the swinging bridge by 3:30pm to set up camp. Only ten minutes off... 1300 some miles traveled so far. Tent set up, cold brew in hand , this is the life. Not a bad place to be, Butch came through in route to the San Rafael River after the Castle Gate robbery. Behind me, Joe walker got into a shoot out with a sheriff and posse in a side canyon near Mexican Mountain. Wild country. Hiked over to camp site I stayed at back in January to see if that Snap-On hammer I left was still there, nope. Steak on the menu tonight, soon coming to realize after throwing the meat on the grill, I picked a packet of pork. Watch the sun disappear behind the cliffs, the San Rafael River plays a soothing tune and soon drift to sleep.
10/12/06 Left the San Rafael Campground for Green River.Reinforcements show up: Daniel Markofsky(FJZ80) Dan Reinmuth(FJZ80) and Nathaniel Miller(FJ60). After Fuel and Food, we headed west to the turn off for Black Dragon Canyon. Lock in the hubs, air down and head in the canyon. Slow going through the canyon, as the recent rain has washed a lot of the trail out. Some road building here, Nathaniel being pulled out there and soon made it out of the canyon and into Black Dragon Wash. Find camp along the Jack Ass Benches. A social evening around the camp fire to end the night.
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