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Default Blown Headgasket - 1993 FZJ80 at 225,000

I have a blown head gasket. 1993 FZJ80 at 225,000 miles. I decided to start this thread to:

1. Put the word out to the universe in case there is a good low mileage motor that wants to come to me
2. share and receive useful information.

I already have on retainer and he has already done the tear down which revealed failure at cylinder #1 (closest to radiator), some damage to the block at the #1 fire ring, and loss of crosshatching in #1 cylinder. No warping to head.

Options range from buying a car to a partial rebuild (where we do the top end, mill the block and cylinder hone and new rings). I will not be doing a full rebuild, diesel or V8. Cost, reliability and time are factors.

I will do other things while we are in there like oil pan seals, coolant hoses, PS hoses and rebuild pump, vac lines, rear main (if block is coming out), motor mounts.

Another option is to find a good 93-97 80 and swap my parts to it and then part mine out.

Let it begin!

Its at my house in NW Denver so if you want to see a 1FZ in bits, stop by.
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