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Thanks for all the comments and please keep them coming - Part of my posting is the hope that a inexpensive low mileage motor will materialize. Maybe one that someone just wants hauled away (hey, gotta dream!)

Originally Posted by 1loudLX View Post
What about talking to Christo, since he's now putting those fancy V8s in 80s, there might be a motor for ya at the shop?
Definitely was part of the plan and below he pretty much said as I expected, but gave me a few ideas as well.

Originally Posted by Snowrun View Post
Did you try checking out ? You might be able to find a decent engine fairly cheap. I see 1fz-fe's popup on there every now and then for around 1200 bucks.
I will.

Originally Posted by Old40Dog View Post
If you think you might want to pick up another 80 for the engine, I might have interest in much of the remaining vehicle for swapping to my 92. Might have a source for wrecked vehicles, but I haven't pursued it to date.
Lets discuss. I may even get another 80 to build (using parts off mine) and then part mine out. A good idea about finding something we can go in on together.

Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
Man, bummer that it needs a motor man..
yep, trying to look at it as an opportunity.

Originally Posted by sleeoffroad View Post
It ran until that point. Why don't you just put a gasket in it and drive it? If the head is not warped and the gasket will seal then you should be OK with just putting a gasket in.

Yes, there might be damage to the cylinder but is it that bad that it would not run again? I would not do a half rebuilt. That is money wasted. Either refurbish the whole truck, or send the minimum to get it operational again. Keep your eyes open for a 97 that is in good shape. When you get the new truck, transfer what you can and sell the 93.

The labor to swap a used engine is normally not worth the effort. You end up doing so many "while I am in there" things that you overspend. It would only make sense if you can locate a 50k mile engine. Anything over a 100, you might as well do the headgasket while out of the truck. Then you open the motor and find some stuff you don't like. Old truck, not worth much expect to you, you will be upside down in the truck before you know it. Take the emotions out of it and look at the condition of the rest of the truck.
Hi Christo. Yes, it ran just fine. When you found me this rig it had 110,000 on it. She took me to 225,000 with only minor work needed. It has been a great purchase. The rest is in good shape - a bit of tailgate rust, need to do some exhaust work and reattach the bumper ends. Cost is mostly my issue. I have no budget for this. I may choose to put a gasket and close it back up but apparently there is damage that will prevent sealing. Robbie and I are meeting Wednesday morning at my house to look at and discuss the options. He estimated I'd get 10-20,000 miles if I just went the gasket route - in part because #1 has lost its cross hatching. That's a couple years of driving for me and more if I get a daily driver car.

Overall, the idea of finding a newer rig has a lot of appeal. I may also find a car for my daily needs and then I'll have no time pressure to fix the 80.
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