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Originally Posted by BobinDenver View Post
Glad to hear that things eventually worked out!

I'm having NOx trouble myself. After the first fail, Toy Car Care suggested new CATs. Quoted me $3,300 for P,L+T. I'm going with Plan B (then C, D, and E) before moving on to full CAT replacement. This thread and some others have been very helpful for those plans.

Thanks in advance!
I may ask Treeroot if he wants to get together and make some youtube videos on how to troubleshoot each of the components involved.
I would check the EGR, EGR vacuum module and VSV before putting on cats.
All three are pretty straight forward to test and a lot cheaper than cats.

Do you have a green top or blue top EGC vacuum modulator? (The green tops have a filter that can get plugged)

3300 for cats seems very high. There isn't much to swapping them out. I ordered 2 from CruiserDan and it only took a couple of hours to swap them out.
(I had to cut off all of the bolts with a sawsall)
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