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I think this is the right answer for us to have a set and I would even vote for some money to buy the typlicalls. Just want to clarify. Like I gave you (Tim) two birfs for a 40, and a set of gaskets to repair one side. You may want to donate one and keep one birf with the gaskets in case you break one on chinamans and the trailer isn't there. Not that anyone breaks down on Chinamans. Note: those birfs only work in a 76-78 front end. That rear short axle I gave you would get someone off the mountain, but I wouldn't run it a long time as the hub got banged a bit and tends to rub in one spot.

Just want to make sure I understand how this will work. And yes the axles will be at Moab through Sunday. They could go in the donate pile as they are yours. Your choice on that.

I also carry a full set of fluids that would happily give to someone who would need them on the trail.

Like I said, I think this is a great way to go, we should have a stash in the trailer. Much better situation then what we had last year.

I have some parts, I'll go through and see what I am willing to donate and what I want to retain as "always carry" spares.
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