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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
We will be taking basically the same route as this past Sunday: up the lower road (248.1B, also called the "powerline road" or the "wagon road"), Cross the creek and head up 248.1A to 248.1D, continue up 248.1A to 248.1F, G, and H, then back to 248.1 up to Waldorf and the Santiago Mine, then back down 248.1 (the upper, "main," road) to the Sydney Tunnel turnoff, where we will walk up to the Sydney Tunnel so I can show Brant some stuff, then all the way back out. I doubt we will have time to continue up towards Argentine Pass from the Waldorf townsite or to continue up McClellan Mountain, but we'll see.
Still haven't made it to the top of either but can always save that for next year, I'll post by tonight if I can go, I'll know by the morning if I was lied to or if it will be another late start. pleas fell upon deaf ears, sorry
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