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Originally Posted by Inukshuk View Post
I will not be doing a full rebuild, diesel or V8. Cost, reliability and time are factors.

I will do other things while we are in there like oil pan seals, coolant hoses, PS hoses and rebuild pump, vac lines, rear main (if block is coming out), motor mounts.

Another option is to find a good 93-97 80 and swap my parts to it and then part mine out.

Let it begin!

Its at my house in NW Denver so if you want to see a 1FZ in bits, stop by.
What would the difference in costs be to rebuild the entire engine? I've never done it so I have no idea.. I'm just curious. I just did a HG and regret not pulling the motor and rebuilding the whole thing.
And I'd actually like to look at it, where in NW Denver are you? I'm in Lakewood (girlfriends house which has a big garage ) all the time and north Denver often (where I live, small garage)
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