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10/13/06 Wake up in time for a short hike to the next rise with Steve to watch the sunrise over the San Rafael. Breakfast, packed up and head out. A short drive through Buckhorn Wash Rd before turning west onto Cane Wash rd. Stop to check out one of the old Uranium Mine operations, continue on through the wash. Daniel gets stuck in the wet sand . I try but make it out, Dang. Turn onto North Fork Coal Wash and stop for lunch. Continue on, enjoying the beauty of the Desert . Pass by a formation called "Joe and his Dog", up and over(and down the hard part) Fixit Pass. Stop at Slipper Arch, continue on and start looking for a camp sight. Had some time in finding one, but Daniel found a enjoyable spot. Chairs out and cold ones opened by 5:30. Salmon on the menu tonight. Fire raging , sun setting in the distance, another fine night.
10/14/06 Wake up to a rain filled morning. A short hike down the rd Robbie and I traveled last year before packing up camp. We headed south on a planned rd. Only a few miles in before we find ourselves slipping and sliding. After turning around and deciding on a new route, we make our way North before heading south on a slippery muddy rd. Looks like we cant escape this stuff today. Slow progress on the rd, creek crossings, washes, pulling Nathaniel out before he slips into a sinkhole. Before ending at Moore Cutoff rd. Think half the time on that rd I was out of control sliding around, and the other half, I couldn't see anything due to the mud ..... Lunch at the rest stop. "oh look at those rigs,they've had some fun" is what we seemed to here during lunch. Continue on, "you got just enough room under that overpass Dan" as the Jerry cans scrape the road bed above. Soon we drop into Eagle Canyon. Work are way through the wash and soon stop under I-70. Admire Eagle Canyon Arch and work are way out of Eagle Canyon, Pass by Sawsey's Cabin and soon find camp. Fire going, we relaxing and enjoy the last night of the run(Sorry guys still getting Cell service, going to have to work on that..)

"High in the wind, standing in the sun. Were going to raise up the heavens, with a shovel and a gun. I was so much younger then, I would never ever listen. I am so much older now, I thought that things would end up different. Farewell, Lover in green"

10/15/06 Wake up, take a short hike(recomended by Nathaniel and Kenosha). Enjoy the views and the sun(whats that ). Come back to a warm campfire. Slow going packing up . We get going some time around 11:30... Stop and hile around Swasey's cabin for a short while before saying goodby. Daniel and Steve headed south to the Slot Canyons. Dan Nathaniel and I headed home. Stopped on the side of the rd before Eagle due to no power from the 4runner... A jump lead to the finding of a blown 15amp fuse causing the alternator to stop charging the battery. Fixed and on the rd again. Home again and soon back to work.... Thanks all who made it out this year. Was a lot of fun

"And when it's all over, he'll move a littler slower. He'll back up to the trailer, and look toward Oklahoma. He'll pull out right through the middle of town and watch the sun start sinking down. Still just lighting up the road signs, getting ready for the next time"
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