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I apologize these are coming out so fuzzy - I need to try a different resizing function...

During lunch, and at other points along the way, we had good discussions about the history of the area, and Frank pointed out some of the buildings and roads and told us the history of them. I think I'm going to invite him on our future runs, because he's a great wealth of local history knowledge and was great to have along to learn from.

After lunch, we went up to Waldorf and McClellan to check out a report of a rolled Blazer. We tried looking for the Santiago Mine for a minute, but I got confused (as I usually do when it's been a while since I have been up there), and we ended up giving up on that effort, because time was getting short (as it always does, too soon ). As we were driving up the old railroad grade to the top of McClellan, we got passed by a guy on a dirtbike that was heading the same place we were, and turned out to be a local wrecker operator that has pulled people out of that area before. When we got to the saddle between McClellan and Ganley mountains, we parked the trucks to walk the shelf road on the I-70 side, as it's very narrow, even for a 40. As we walked down, Brant pointed out an ATV that had rolled down a gulley, probably 1/4 mile down, that might present a rescue opportunity at a future date. We then came around a corner and looked down (having caught up to the dirtbiker), and sure enough there was a freshly rolled and decimated Blazer, that was so bad I thought it was a Jeep JK at first. There had been a snowdrift on the shelf road right in the gulley, and somehow they got it stuck and weren't able to successfully recover it. Apparently nobody got hurt, but the vehicle is probably 1000 feet or more down in that gulley, with parts scattered all over the place. Brant is investigating whether it's on FS land or private land, and will have to deal with the appropriate agencies once that determination is made.

After that I had to get back to Denver so we booked it down and headed home. We didn't get everything done that I wanted to get done, but we did get some big, important things done. I think I'm going to have to go up there on my dirtbike one of these days and check out all the roads and numberings, because I still get confused once in a while, and I don't think anyone has really compared the MVUM against what's on the ground up there yet, and that's an exercise that's definitely in need of being done.
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