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I'm in a similar boat. I've a 97 I picked up at 200K and now 240K. Its been great up until recently and has been burning oil for quite some time. Losing some power under load and diagnosed with appears to be' leaky values' on #5 and #6
The truck did have a super-charger on it before and had a HG done at 90K (values checked but not red-one)

So I could continue as-is and take it 'easy' but not sure how long this will take me. I could get HG redone, values etc.. and should last 100-150K?
Was planning on doing a rebuild around 350K (or as needs be)
Truck body and rest in good shape and was planning on keeping for quiet some time (world 4x4 trip planned in a few yrs)

However don't have the molla to do a full rebuild now so considering just a HG/value 'fix' for 100-150K. Is that worth it?
Any other options
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