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Great stuff! Matt, please tell me if I got this all right (and I'll update) but this needs to be clear to everyone..

Requirements for being a trail leader
1. Must be committed to attending Cruise Moab 2007, May 2-6 in Moab UT.
2. Must have a vehicle that's capable enough to run the trail, and in good working order, and a CB.
3. Must be familiar with the trail you'd like to lead... meaning you've run it at least a couple times, know the major obstacles, are pretty confident you won't get lost, etc.
4. Must be responsible enough to look out for the well being and best interest of up to 20 other vehicles & their passengers while on the trail, including getting everyone to sign the forms, make sure no one gets separated, make decisions if someone were to break down, etc. Yes, some training will be involved here.
5. Must be committed to returning your packet of info, portable toilet, and spill kit back to the CM committee after your run that day.

Benefits of being a trail leader
1. You will be oh, so cool, the envy of everyone else at the event and beyond.
2. You get to be "boss" out on the trail. This may include spotting, recovery situations, when & where to eat lunch, and more! It's your trail.
3. You'll get to know the people on your run, and the people who put together Cruise Moab in a whole new way. It really is a different experience and perspective to be a leader.
4. You will automatically be entered in the Leader-Gunner raffle, eligible to win a special prize offered only to trail leaders & gunners.
5. You will receive some other cool, CM-specific gifts as thanks for trail leading.
6. You will receive $20 cash for every trail you lead.
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