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Default So you might want to lead a trail, but have some concerns

The purpose of this thread is to give potential trail leaders the information they need to address the concerns they have about being a trail leader.

I personally recall my hesitation when Cheeseman told me it was time to step up and lead a trail. What? Me? I've never done that before. I don't know the first thing about it. I'm not nearly as good as guys like Cheeseman, Royal Rose, and Chris Hatfield!

It turns out that a quick weekend trip out to Moab for some intensive live trail leader training addressed my concerns and gave me the framework I needed to build myself up into a confident trail leader. I hope this forum and thread will help hesitant leaders gain the confidence and skills needed to step up and lead a trail.

I tell ya what. Being a trail leader really isn't that hard. First of all, it is a lot like running the trail as a regular participant except…You are in front.
Sure there is a little paperwork to do and a little speech at the beginning, and you kinda need to know where you are and how to get home on time…But there isn’t much more than that for the majority of the trip!

If you know how to get through the trail and you are willing to help others get through the trail, you are 90% of a trail leader already.

What are your concerns about signing up to lead a trail?
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