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Greg has a good trick he uses. He points his fingers at his eyes and then at the driver to make sure they are looking at him. To spot through a tricky spot, the person should be watching you 100%

Make clear hand movements. Keep moving your hand (left or right) in motion till you want the person to stop turning. I had asome one spot me who pointed left, then put his hand down and I stopped and he got mad. What I am talking about is the way Robbie taught many of us.

In some situations, it's a good thing to walk up to the driver and let him know what to expect before you start. It's always a good idea to talk about whats about to happen as your spotting "your left wheel is going to drop"

I like the smiling item. Need to keep the driver at ease.

Many times others will jump in and give advice. Need one spotter and need to ask the others to kindly be quiet

If you are unfamiliar with the vehicle, sometimes it makes better sense to turn it over to someone who is. A 40 and an 80 will be spotted differently in some spots.
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